female only Strength

training sessions in shoreditch.

Get Stronger. Get Leaner. Get To Grips With Your Diet.

  • Every class has a maximum of 10 ladies.
  • We have 2 personal trainers in every session meaning you receive plenty of 1 on 1 attention every class.
  • We don't do FAD diets. we teach balance, sustainability and flexibility when it comes to your food.
  • Stay on track with monthly checkins with coaches that care about getting you results.

Have you ever wanted to start lifting weights but stopped yourself from fear of being judged or looked at?

We've been training busy women like you for over 6 years. In our female only group training classes or online coaching, you will have a dedicated team of experienced coaches that will get you lifting with perfect form, feeling stronger, leaner and doing all this with a smile on your face.

We've helped hundreds of women and we'd love to help you.

Results are only one part of our business. Joining Set ldn means you'll be training alongside likeminded women in a fun yet challenging environment.

Allow us to introduce ourselves... We're Billy & Rob, the co-founders of Set LDN.

We've both been working out since we were 15 years old and we decided to make it our occupation 10 years ago. From the dark and dingy bodybuilding gyms of Romania to the glitzy and not so glamorous health clubs of Essex.

We first met in the staff room of LA Fitness back in 2013. Rob was trying to open a can of tuna with a knife (the only thing he could afford to eat after just arriving from Romania) while Billy was still in denial about his receding hairline. It was love at first sight. We started training together and became good friends. As a result, we decided to work together and we haven't looked back since.

Set LDN was launched in 2014 – We used to work at a commercial gym in the city and saw amazing results with our own personal training clients using strength training and calorie based nutrition plans. We soon became fed up seeing how most women were not feeling comfortable in their surroundings while on a sweaty and intimidating gym floor. After noticing women either lacking the confidence or knowledge to enter a weights room or having to put up with packed and impersonal ‘legs, bums and tums’ classes (where the quality of training is low and the risk of injury is high), we decided to create a new way of training. Set LDN was formed to make weight training accessible for more women and to use our years of experience to simplify the message. 

“We make strength training fun. It’s the best method to lose body fat. Don’t worry, after a few heavy squats and bench presses you won’t wake up with bulky arms or legs like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, it’s really about gaining strength and learning how to properly engage with your muscles while lifting. We want you to feel comfortable while attaining your individual goals.”

Over 6 years later we've helped over 1000 women with their training and diet plans. We'd love to work with you too.

Set LDN will be the best and last gym you will ever join...

Here are a few things we guarantee about our process


We believe that no one sticks to a routine unless they enjoy themselves. Yea we work hard and yea we'll push you. But you'll be training with a smile on your face.


We eliminate any confusion around nutrition. We’ll work out a personalised game plan designed for longevity and based around your lifestyle… no boiled chicken breast and steamed kale here.


We take great pride in getting to know every client on a personal level. You'll also be training with like-minded women who share similar goals to you. The gym will be a place that you look forward to rather than dreading. We'll even buy you a beer in the pub over the road from the studio every Thirsty Thursday.


Monthly check-ins by coaches who care about you. We track your measurements, your weight and have a look at your food diary. We'll hold you accountable for your results in and out of the gym.

Find out how we can help you get in the best shape of your life.