Fitness Studio in Shoreditch Helping London's Women Get Stronger, Leaner & More Confident.

Find out how we can help you get in the best shape of your life.


Train with like-minded women in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment. You won't feel like you're on a busy gym floor with everyone looking at you or in a busy class where you're just a number.


Have you tried unsustainable diets? Spent 2 weeks hating life doing a "juice Detox" only to put all the weight back on again? We don't do fad diets. We eliminate confusion and provide clarity with your own tailor made nutritional plans.


Group personal training and online coaching focused on teaching perfect form weight lifting in an environment with an emphasis on enjoying training.

How it works

Our step by step process


Get in touch with us. Fill out a form and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.


Have a chat in the gym or over the phone with one of our team. We want to get to know you and explain how we can help. 


Learn technique, get stronger, leaner and fitter. understand nutrition and have fun while doing so.

Best Life

Drop a dress size, do a pull up or even deadlift over 100kg. Be part of a successful community of women achieving their goals.

Find out how we can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Don’t just take our word for it

here's what our clients have to say...


 “I used to go to a normal gym and it was really intimidating to use the squat rack and the weights”

 The reason we created this gym was for people like Injila. Injila had wanted to lift weights and get strong for a long time but never felt comfortable or supported enough until she joined Set LDN.

“They taught me how to lift weights in a way that didn’t feel stressful or hard”

 Katherine has always been a sporty person but didn’t know where to begin with strength training. Like so many of our members, Katherine was a complete beginner when she started and now she is one of our happiest and most welcoming members. 



“I feel like I’m getting stronger, I’m making friends… it’s almost like a second home” 

Amyy joined us with the goals of losing some weight and getting stronger. As well as achieving these goals, what’s kept her coming back in the massive sense of community we have here at Set LDN. 

Become our next success story.